I am getting an error when opening quickbooks that says This page can't be displayed

have installed the Quickbooks 2017 Pro trial version and almost immediately run into a brick wall with bugs.
When I open the software I get a screen with an error message stating "This page can't be displayed" which I can not do anything from.  I have to go into task manager to force close quickbooks.
This happened before I loaded a company file but after it installed updates to quickbooks.  To get rid of this mess I have to fully uninstall quickbooks and delete all the quickbooks folders in program files, etc.  After installing the software again and updating quickbooks I get the same window with the same error.
I get the exact same problem.  Is 2017 Desktop not compatible with Windows 10?
It is. See my comment in the chain. Very easy to do and seems to perminantly correct the issue.
Thank you.  I did that, and it caused QuickBooks to open, but now I'm at another brick wall:  "We just need to verify your identity to activate."  I have put in the correct information multiple times, to each questions, and they say, "The information you entered doesn't match what we have on file. "   Can this be any more difficult?
Are you trying to activate a trial? If so you can't activate a trial. You have to leave it unactivated. If you have a real paid key it should still work.
OK thank you.  I'm just trying to use the Trial version to update my company file, which broke due to Windows 10 updates, and then migrate it to Quickbooks Online.  It's been a real struggle but I'll keep at it.  Thank you for your advice.

When you install QuickBooks Desktop, you enter the license number and product code to complete the installation and validate your copy of QuickBooks. If the encrypted file containing that information is damaged, QuickBooks will not open, and might display an error message. In those situations, deleting the entitlement file and re-entering your license and product information may resolve the issue.
The following are issues and errors that can be resolved by deleting the entitlement file*:
  • Error: The validation code is incorrect or the service is temporarily unavailable when activating
  • Error 3371: Could not initialize license properties
  • You must subscribe to accountant's copy file transfer service displays after you subscribe and sync
  • Error reconfiguring your edition of QuickBooks
  • Sync License Data Online is grayed out and unclickable
  • Edit List link is not in my No Company Open window
  • Message: You cannot use Online Banking because QuickBooks is not registered

This list is not inclusive. There may be other errors resolved by renaming/deleting the entitlement file.

* Deleting the entitlement file for these errors is only part of the troubleshooting. Please perform all recommended steps for each error to ensure resolution.

Detailed instructions

Delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file
  1. Close QuickBooks Desktop if it's open.
  2. Ensure that all QuickBooks processes are no longer running.
    1. From the keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc. This opens the Task Manager.
      Win10: Click More Details to show Task Manager.
    2. Click the Processes tab.
    3. Sort the processes alphabetically by clicking the Process Name header.
    4. Search for all instances of QBW32.EXE and End Task.
  3. Open the entitlement data folder for your operating system and version of QuickBooks.
    1. On your keyboard, press Windows  + R to open the Run window.
    2. Enter (or copy and paste) C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 and then press Enter
      Note: The folder location of the .ecml file is the same for all QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise versions.
  4. Right-click the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and select Delete.
  5. Click Yes to confirm you want to delete the file.
  6. Open QuickBooks Desktop, open your company file, and follow the instructions to register the application.
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