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ODIN is a very popular name among all Samsung Galaxy device users. Not only has this software been part of the whole deal since the very start but it has evolved as the devices themselves have evolved. It is basically a Window’s program that allows you to tinker with your phone’s system partition. That may sound a little bit complicated but its not. ODIN lets you update your Galaxy device officially to any firmware you want as well as lets you enjoy third party packages or even custom ROMs. The most popular tool to be used with ODIN except for official firmware is Auto-Root which is a simple root package. Read below to find a detailed feature list as well as download links to all ODIN versions.
The creators have made ODIN light and simple. The software occupies minimal space itself. Also, ODIN verifies everything before actually flashing it on your phone so that you have that extra peace of mind. Different versions of ODIN, support different versions of Android. Even though there is overlap, you can use the latest ODIN for all your needs.

ODIN – Features

Odin is a very small tool for flashing stock updates and firmware files, but here is a quick list of features:
No installation required
All ODIN versions are portable and don’t need any sort of installation on your system. You only need to extract the .EXE file into a folder and use it from there. All configuration options are found in ODIN itself.
Supports official firmwares
ODIN allows you to flash official firmware direct on your Samsung device without actually tripping KNOX warranty. This means, the firmware you flash through ODIN will be as genuine as once you update through OTA(Over-the-air) update system or through Samsung Smart Switch / Samsung KIES.
Root through ODIN
The most popular method and arguably the most easiest, to root your Galaxy device is through Auto-Root. Singular packages have been made by Chainfire that work on specific models and specific firmware. These packages can be downloaded and can be flashed directly through ODIN.
Re-Partition your device
You can execute this advanced task by plugging in a .PIT file which contains all the partition info and the re-partition your device. This is helpful when you want to deep clean your phone.

Download ODIN:

As mentioned previously, ODIN supports Windows only. Below, are linked all the version of ODIN.

ODIN Software – More Information

Samsung USB Drivers: To keep ODIN light, it doesn’t ship with any sort of USB drivers. Thankfully, you can download latest USB drivers here: Samsung USB drivers here.
Compatibility: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Credits: Samsung Mobile Corporation
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